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Maxi House - Innovation Centre
Shropshire (UK)

Non Exec Directors - Finance - Innovation - Commercialisation

Quotes  from our clients;-

  • "I would like to thank European Innovation. They understood my business and the vision I have for it from the beginning. They evaluated my business plan and made recommendations on how I could grow the business in the UK market. At the end of their due-diligence process and after a few rounds of interviews they decided to endorse my business. The contents of their endorsement letter were instrumental in the success of my visa application under the Innovator route. I'd like to thank Joanna, in particular, who promptly answered my questions throughout the process, which made the endorsement and visa process very smooth."

  • "Working with the team has been very easy and rewarding - I would like to thank Nigel for his support and attention to my business".

  • "I would highly recommend European Innovation - their process and knowledge of the UK Business infrastructure has been second to none"

  • "Thank you so much to “European Innovation” for the Endorsement of my start-up in the UK. The whole team, especially Joanna and Nigel are very responsive in terms of gathering information, answering queries, interviewing and evaluating my business. We also spent time together reviewing company revenue and financial projections.

  • "European Innovation provided paramount assistance that aided me in refining and shaping my business plan which relieved me from all the stress of tedious processing and long waiting times involved in paperwork. With all their hard work, support and appearance in a couple of interview rounds, it took the shortest time to get the Endorsement and Start-up visa approved!"

  • "I truly appreciate all your efforts. Thanks for your excellent support and I’d highly recommend European Innovation to others. I’m feeling really excited to work with you and to establish a successful business in the UK."


Maxi House, Halesfield 20, Telford TF7 4QU



(Visa Endorsement)

(Operations Director / Senior Business Advisor)

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